One major trend in contemporary homes is the use of Scandinavian design, which has been taking the world by storm thanks to its minimal, modern style and focus on geometric shapes and natural materials. With that in mind, let’s explore ways you can incorporate Scandinavian design principles into your own home!

What is a Scandinavian Touch?

A Scandinavian touch is a style of décor that is influenced by the Scandinavian countries. This style typically features clean lines and natural materials. It can be used to add elegance and sophistication to any room in your home.


One way to achieve a Scandinavian touch is to use Nordic furniture. This type of furniture is made from wood pallets or birch trees. It is often sleek and contemporary, and it comes in a variety of colors and styles. You can also add Scandi accents to your home using art, rugs, paintings, and candles.

If you are looking for a more affordable way to add a Scandinavian touch to your home, try using antiques from Scandinavia. This type of furniture is typically well-made and stylish, and it can be found at discount stores or online retailers.


Overall, a Scandinavian touch can be achieved through different mediums and at different costs. It is up to you which option you choose to give your home that unique polish.

Different Directions For A Sophisticate Home

A Scandinavian touch can be a perfect addition to any home. There are several different directions you can go to achieve this look, and any of them would work well in your home.

One direction you could take is to use Scandinave furnishings and accessories. This style is usually very minimalist, with geometric shapes and neutral colors. You could also incorporate birch wood into your decor, which is common in Scandinavia.

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Or you could go for a more eclectic choice and use items from other Scandinavian countries in your home. Anything from glass jewelry to pottery would be a perfect fit for this type of design.

Whatever direction you choose, adding a Scandinavian touch to your home will make it feel less generic and more special.

Ways you can bring the scandinavian style into plain looking homes

Adding a Scandinavian touch to your home can be easy. Here are some tips:

  1. Start with the colors. The colors of Scandinavia are often light blue, pink, and pale yellow. Why not use these colors in your home as accent colors?
  2. Hang artwork with natural materials like wood, leather, and textiles. These materials give your home a warm and authentic look.
  3. Use plants to soften the look of hard surfaces and create an inviting atmosphere. Add floor-living plants or trees in archways or on the front porch.
  4. Use accents like rugs, figurines, and lamps to give your home the perfect Scandi touch!

Tips for using white and natural materials

If you’re looking to add a Scandinavian sophistication to your home, there are several ways to do it. One way is to use white and natural materials.

Selecting white furniture, curtains, and artwork can help to create a clean, minimalistic atmosphere. You can also accentuate this look with accessories such as lamps and baskets.

When selecting natural materials, be sure to choose items that will go well with your décor. For example, if you have light colors in your home, try using natural materials in dark colors. Or, if you have dark colors in your home, try using natural materials in light colors.

Whatever route you decide to take, be sure to blend the Scandinavian sophistication with your own personal style.